International Little-Man of MysteryI am none other than; not be imitated or impersonated, 100% unadulterated, me.

I am a thinker, but not just any type of thinker, the dangerous type of thinker – the type of thinker who acts (not the old ‘those who teach can’t do’ type).   Even worse, I am the type who has been prone to acting despite having had the better judgement of being a thinker – so I am, in fact, human.

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think I know everything.  Often, however, I convince myself that I do – oh and then do I ever debate?!?  And that’s when it happens – Precisely when I am about reach a crescendo of conviction in my vivacious argument (often something ridiculous), I suddenly stumble upon some obscure fact (or my own omission) and realize and I have no idea what I am talking about.

Realize: No one else has necessarily spoken –  but, I have proven myself wrong.

It is with that same dimwitted and unabashed thirst for knowledge (and what cannot be known) that I pursue almost every single thing I contemplate.  I have to follow every train of thought to its furthest possible conclusion, no matter how ridiculous – call it a curse.

No topic will be left untouched, save for those that do not interest me (and I will not touch), and if I don’t have conviction behind what I come up with I won’t publish it (it will probably sit in the ‘drafts’ folder).  There will certainly be much more about me later but, for now, here are some rules (legal-type mumbo jumbo):

I used to be a stock-broker (no longer – thank God), and an equity/market strategist, I’ve had stints as a baker, restaurant manager, and Army base cook; I’ve lived or worked in NY, WI, IN, KY, FL, and MA.  I have had a bunch of licenses, but currently they don’t reside anywhere (In my infinite wisdom I’ve decided I am better off trading my own account).  I am also prone to research, trade, and pontificate; generally from the trenches, occasionally from afar, but pontificate  I do.  I have a lot of opinions, and the beauty of mine are that I am looking for some healthy debate.  As such, I am subject to change my opinion on a moment’s notice, and occasionally whimsically so.  If I mention a trading idea or strategy, or render an opinion, outrageous or otherwise, you must always assume I’m just ‘talking my book.’  Don’t try to read too far into things; if I suggest a certain view-point you should assume my trading account reflects that opinion, just as if I bash a particular politician repeatedly I am likely not voting for him/her.  But like I said, I can be moody.  Don’t expect me to tell you every time I change my mind or conclude a trade; instead do your own research, seek your own professional advice, and make your own decision.  If I happen to have said something, it’s very likely I meant it when I said it – but, ‘opinions are subject to change’ is likely an understatement.  This blog exists to provoke thought, on your part and mine, and, hopefully, to stimulate debate sufficient to actually affect change; to affect the way we think about the world.

(WARNING: Do Not Use This Blog As A Disaster Aversion Device! )


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